(Rules are made to be broken so these are not fixtures, more like almost constant truths.)

1.)   Beware the Dry Clean Only: I made this mistake a lot when I first started going thrifting. If it’s unbelievably gorgeous and unbelievably cheap, it’s probably dry-clean only. Be sure to check before you hit the register. Usually, it’s not worth it, dry cleaning bills will make you feel like your paying full price and then some. 2.)   Labels Shmables: Personally, I could care less if I’m wearing this or that designer. I like what I like. Not to say I haven’t stumbled upon designer brands for cheap, hello Ralph Lauren sweater for four dollars, of course I’ll take you home tonight! 3.)   Quality: Don’t buy something just to buy it, especially if it’s on its last leg. The notorious flimsy tank top holding on by a literal thread.  We buy it because it’s only a dollar, but so was the United Colors of Benetton dress shirt I bought yesterday. 4.)   Think Big Picture: Think about how it works in your wardrobe and if you’re going to wear it.Outfits are usually more than just one piece and unless it’s the holy grail of pieces, the dress to end all dresses what’s the point in buying something that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. 5.)   Don’t Be Afraid Of The Racks Up High: I know, I know you’re arms are killing you but think of it this way, all the other women who wear your size got tired too and gave up. Think of the gems their lazy arms missed and power through! You can list it as your cardio for the week. 6.)      Try on Everything: I’ve learned this the hard way…lets just say I had never really seen a camel toe until I tried the periwinkle jumpsuit I just bought. It wasn’t pretty. Most thrift stores have a final sale policy so it pays to try stuff on. Also you never know how it’s going to look, sometimes the item that looked iffy on the rack looks amazing on. 7.)   Looks Aren’t Everything: Yeah so Goodwill isn’t all that when it comes to aesthetics, sometimes they look like mental wards. While it is nice to step into a cool looking store you usually end up paying for that aesthetic at the register, I prefer my finds sans cool tax. 8.)   If It Seems Too Good To Be True… You know the saying. So before you buy, check for stains (ew), broken or missing buttons and holes.

9.)   Fuck Consignment Shops: Okay this is not always true. I found an amazing wrap dress at a consignment shop for twelve bucks; I wore it to a wedding and two graduations. That’s just it, special occasions can merit a consignment purchase but it’s usually not necessary.

10.) Follow the Money: It was true in 1976, it’s true now. Except, this secret won’t implement Nixon….or at least not that I’m aware of…Dustin Hoffman might show up though. I’m getting side tracked.  Anyways, The best thrift stores are usually right outside affluent neighborhoods. Because rich people are just like us! Lazy! It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Of course they’ll drop all their nice clothes off at the nearest charitable organization, the local thrift store. Lucky Us! Charity never looked so good!


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