Pop Killer, 7503 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA Neighborhood: Hollywood (323) 874-7731

Aesthetic thrift shop, yes, just look at the name… It’s also a quirky Japanese trinkets shop. Cool. The place is stacked with tiny knick-knacks, lighters, key cover, and quirky greeting cards. So if you’re off to a hipster birthday party (shanti) and forgot a card, stop in and for the questionable price of 3.80 you can get a robot card with happy birthday stuck in its teeth. I’ll be honest; I almost bought a gun lighter just to be able to do Dirty Harry lines every time I light up. Priorities people.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: Japanese trinkets. Because the store has a Japanese owner most of the stuff is actually from Japan which is a nice touch, plus they are saying traditional Asian garb is back in style. Their sunglasses are fun too; ranging from ten to fifteen dollars you can protect your eyes and practice your LA scowl as you strut down sunset. (Don’t lie we’ve all done it…when your music’s goin’ straight up guilty, party of one right here) I usually trip though, which quickly resets my ego.

The Clothes are pretty expensive so are the shoes, there were these amazing boots that I had my eye on but they were asking three digits, needless to say my wallet and I had a good laugh.  Or but then I looked at the price tag and me and my office had a good laugh

There is a five-dollar bin for men and women but the only thing I found that I really liked were some pop killer ties they had. I’m not sure if we are far away enough from Avril Lavigne’s sk8ter boi for me to feel comfortable in a tie. It’s only a matter of time though, androgyny is a slipper slope, men’s clothing is so comfortable and the pants have these amazing big pockets, you can store everything in there! I myself have slid so far down that I’ve been addressed as sir in the streets.  One of you should show me how to properly rock a tie.

It took a while for me to wade through everything I ended up buying some hipster chic earrings for 10 dollars so they wouldn’t think I was a shoplifter. I had been in there forever and it was just me, the well-dressed cashier, and about ten feet of awkward silence, so I bought some earrings. I even wore them outside yesterday.


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