Out of the Closet 8224 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90046 Neighborhood: West Hollywood (323)848-9760
This I like. One it’s a good cause, Out of the Closet generates income that helps fund the medical services AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) that provide free HIV testing and counseling support to the community. I’m always up for a good cause, especially if they have a $1.00 rack. Two it’s a real thrift store, not a grungespensive hipster hub where everything is 25 dollars plus. It’s small but you can find some great stuff. In fact at this very moment I am wearing the green Zara dress I bought from there on Sunday. It’s the perfect place to stop in for an hour or two when I go to the big thrift stores it’s an all day affair. I feel obligated to sift through every rack before I leave or I haven’t done my job.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR:the $1.00 rack. It’s not just stained tank tops and mismatched gloves. It’s stuff you can wear in public; I found a United Colors of Benetton dress shirt in there the other day…I’m sort of obsessed with collared dress shirts maybe it makes me feel classy, or you know… gainfully employed, both ideas are pure fantasy.

So I wanted to try the wide legged pants trend, basically so I could straddle ceramic panthers like Gisele. I even bought those ridiculous wedges that you can wear under the pants and they make you look crazy tall. (True Story: Thought a little too long about that bone lengthening procedure so I could stomp around at an amazing 5’10) These were in the running but at the last minute I said nay, too much effort plus the primary of my job is to run and retrieve and I can barely walk slow in heels so I gave up but..

I know they look like maternity pants in the picture but they actually look like this:

So i was curious and I googled Citizen of Humanity to find these pants and I found this:

Turns out people paid almost 200 dollars for these pants…a lot of people. If only they knew that there was a pair with the tag still attached for 15 dollar all by its sitting all by it’s lonesome on Santa Monica Blvd. Last time I checked the pants were still there so if anyone’s interested hop to it.


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