7919 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048 Neighborhoods: Mid-City West, West Hollywood

(323) 556-0060

All hail the beauty that is Goodwill. Now if you like Refinery 29 you’ve heard of this place already. Spoilers: It’s as awesome as they say it is. Goodwill is my go to no matter what state I reside in. A little tip; the best Goodwills are always right outside the really rich neighborhoods. This thrift store operates almost like a department store. It’s organized and has a fixed price for each genre of item. Prices are reasonable, Shorts and skirts are $4.49.
Unless, it’s a badass DKNY skirt with leather trim or a gorgeous white Diane Von Furstenberg skirt:

It wasn’t my size (think it’s a size 6) it’s still there so someone better get on that.

That’ll cost you a little more… a whopping $4.99. I’m not joking, that’s straight up amazeballs. I’ve never seen DVF so cheap in all my years. *sigh* if only it was in my size!

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR:  Shorts. This place has an amazing selection of shorts which is perfect for the new Californian looking to bolster their wardrobe. They have so much merchandise and so many gems it’s definitely a day long activity. It’s set up like a department store but it only has three dressing rooms which quickly becomes problematic. I was waiting so long I almost just changed in the aisles. Still worth the wait.


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