Thrifting horror stories, I’ve got em you’ve got em lets get together and vent, alright? I’m not the most graceful person to begin with so most of mine are self inflicted but still. Some people get the rage eyes  when it comes to a good deal and it can get ugly.

FLORESCENT LIGHTING: You think your looking good. You even flirt with the delightfully dirty haired cashier behind the counter. Because why not? You know what he really means when he says do you need any help, sexually that’s what. Hey yo! Unfortunately, there’s a little thing called florescent lighting, the baby killer of egos and the prestige of insecurities and imperfections. Hooray! Turns out he was being so nice because you look like you’ve escaped from the psych ward. So that’s why he asked if I liked Eraserhead, who even knew hair could do that in real life? He’s already called the nice men with the white coat; they’ll be here any minute. Well, personally I’ve always relied on the kindness of strangers. Blanche had it right, everyone looks better in some mood lighting. Now, I’ve spoken about the benefits of a zero frills establishment but florescent lighting is like the bastard child of illumination and he always tattles on you and your imperfections. No one likes a tattletale put a cover on that bulb and help keep the fantasy alive!


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