Let’s be honest. We all want to look like those girls in the photos on Tumblr. I think we’d all live in Sepia tone if it was allowed. However, it seems those girls are working with a expendable income because they’re clothes are EXPENSIVE. But I bet we can get pretty close using our local thrift store! Be sure to post you’re own as well I think we’d all love to see how to get you’re favorite.

Alright, let’s get the ball rolling….

I think Alexa Chung looks really cute…like all the time. This photo is no exception.



So I went to my local thrift store (Goodwill on Fairfax and Beverly!) and put this together…

photo-9It’s cute, it’s pretty close and it costs WAY less. The shorts were only $4.49 and the shirt was only $5.99. Not bad…not bad at all.



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