Yikes! I have no idea what to do when I’m getting dressed, especially in the morning when I’m late for work. Let’s lend a helping hand and give each other some ideas. I want to see your best thrifting outfits and even your worst, I want to see how you wear it.

United Colors of Benetton dress shirt I got at Out of the Closet in West Hollywood: $1.00

Maybe it’s because I’m an intern and am forced daily to try and reinvent the meaning of “business casual” but I”m really into dress shirts right now. You can dress ’em up or down and this one has a cute little pattern that I’m digging.

photo copy 2 photo copy 3 photo copy

I just paired it with some maroon skinnies and rolled up the sleeves. I’m kind of into this “wear your necklace over your shirt collar” thing, so I have this gold choker necklace on. Allowing me to pretend I’m edgy while working a 9-5 behind a desk (what a rebel). It’s simple and comfortable. And girls never  get to be comfortable.  This is how I’d wear it to work.

Green Zara Dress I also picked up  at Out of the Closet in West Hollywood:  $4.00

Colors are not usually my thing, I’m always back in black. However, emerald green is one of those colors I’m always down with.

The dress was a little big, but I got this cinch belt for 99 cents at this thrift store in Massachusetts a while back so I strapped it on and carved out a waist. It’s quick and breezy for when it’s super hot or when you’re an intern f-ing up at work, it allows for a draft. No back sweat when cute office guy walks by. Put one in the win column! (You gotta take those wins when you can get ’em.) Anyway, that’s how I wear it with heels.


So I went to the Goodwill on Fairfax and Beverly this weekend and I think I may have had a spiritual awakening. It was…so…beautiful. Anyway, these are some of the major items I found and here is how I’d wear them:

I found this sweet DKNY skirt with leather trim. I’m sort of obsessed. (my crappy phone camera doesn’t do it justice!) But I’ve always had trouble wearing long skirts the right way.

So I just do what I always do when I don’t know what to do… put on a leather jacket and some platforms and stomped around the house. I’d also wear it with my biker boots, but that’s because I’m a little gothic myself.

I’m obsessed with velvet, maybe because it combines my love for soft, semi gothic tacky fabrics. So I found this cute little tank top at Goodwill over the weekend.

 Now there are many ways I would wear this. Maybe with some pants (preferably leather like straight legs, I secretly/not so secretly want to be a biker chick.) and some boots. But since we’re in California I thought I’d go with how I’d wear it in warm weather.


I got the skirt at Goodwill too. The whole outfit ran me a little under 10 bucks (including the boots).

Be sure to share how you wear it in the comments down below. Because someone is going to have to show me how to wear a Maxi Dress to work, I can’t for the life of me, tame that beast!


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